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Weird Characters in Font on Wordpress Site

There are weird characters in the font that I noticed a few days ago. This is what I am told what’s wrong:


WP was updated and old decoding characters left. The database needs to be updated to update old characters with new one.
Also update encoding in config of WP.

Sample page:




Hey @Sabrina73


I was just wondering if you got this resolved or not. I looked at your screenshot and then looked at the link you provided and didn't see any of the outdated characters that you had in your screenshot. So it looks like it's been resolved for you but just want to double check. 🙂 



Check out the second paragraph:


The meat just didn’t look very appetizing… If you know what I mean. Chicken? Gone. Pork chops? Not in sight. Beef? Hadn’t bought any this month. It was me and the pork spleen… A

Hi @Sabrina73.

WordPress uses UTF8 encoding by default. There might be something else at play here. Were any other recent changes made to your site or do you have any plugins that manage the posts on your blog? Some plugins can create tables that use Latin1 encoding instead of UTF8.
This can also be caused if the content of the site is written in another editor and then copy and pasted into the editor.

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