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Woo commerce stock inventory issues


I have issues with Paypal payments not reducing stock levels once customer has checked out. 

Woo commerce have stated:
"And I'm seeing a critical error triggered over and over again this morning:
2018-05-01T07:01:41+00:00 CRITICAL Call to undefined method APCu_Object_Cache::incr2()

I've seen this error before, and it comes from a must-use caching plugin called APC Object Cache used on GoDaddy sites."

go daddy state:

"So you will have to disable APC Object Cache .

That will solve your issue.
Need to review the php script you are using"

Then woo commerce stated:

 "That error comes from the GoDaddy caching, which seems to cause problems quite regularly.

One way to get around it is to disable the Object Caching.
You would need to do that in your file manager in your hosting account. Or through FTP.
You would need to find the file object-cache.php in the wp-content directory and then rename it to something like object-cache.php.bak"

Any help is so appreciated, I have no idea where to start or whether i should disable woo commerce and start again. 

Thanks, Andrew


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Woo commerce stock inventory issues

Hi there @gwynnesicecream,

I hope that you've been able to resolve this issue. Here's an article that I found that might be helpful to you All the best!


Re: Woo commerce stock inventory issues

Hi Rachel

Thanks for the link. 

Whilst on online chat the advisor renamed the object-cache.php in the directory to object-cache.php.bak


It seems to be resolved for now. However, I was warned that if an update occurs then by default it may return to the original name. 

bizarre because it effectively renders woocomerce useless with the managed wordpress platform. I was encouraged to change to self hosted as these updates wouldn't occur and allow it to run as it should. 

Many thanks, Andrew