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WooCommerce Smart Coupons Blacklisted by GoDaddy!?

Is anybody else seeing this? My client uses WooCommerce Smart Coupons so that customers can gift 'e-gift cards' to their friends and family around the United States. 


This is a pretty serious issue, considering the onset of the holiday season is upon us. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @CantonJester, there shouldn't be anything preventing the use of Smart Coupons.  Those should be running directly through WooCommerce without any involvement with GoDaddy outside of the files being hosted.  If you're getting some type of error, please give our live support teams a call so we can review the error with you and see what's going on.  Thanks!



Right. Now that GoDaddy has walked back their decision to blacklist WooCommerce's native extension. 


Fact is that GoDaddy blacklisted it late last week, and they actually deleted it from my client's website. Which of course, meant that had anybody attempted to use some of the credit afforded to them when say, a friend or family member gifted them a store credit (gift certificate is a huge feature to the Smart Coupons extension), then they would've been without the means to use it. 


I believe WooCommerce reached out to GoDaddy and told them about updating PHP to avoid any response issues the extension may cause to GoDaddy's Managed Wordpress platform.