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WordPress Custom Headers

I want to know if I can have custom header images (or omit the header from the static front page) in the theme "Twenty Fourteen" by changing .css and .php files in a CHILD THEME for that theme, OR if I should go ahead and alter the code in the theme proper.  In Baskerville, it was relatively easy to do in the child theme, but Twenty Fourteen has an over-ruling theme header, it seems............

Community Manager

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Great question! I'm not an expert, but from my understanding the difficulty with editing core theme files is that any update you do to the theme will likely wipe them out. A child theme would help prevent this if you can make it work. Perhaps others in the community with more experience will be able to give further guidance.


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Thank you JesseW! You are so right, editing core themes did wipe them out - lots of error codes - so fun - not. 

I'll let you know what I learn.