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Wordpress Continuous problems with GoDaddy processes freezing



I have now been trying for days to get a site up and running using GoDaddy Wordpress.  Every process step so far has had me calling support to unfreeze some stage of one of the processes stuck at ??%. I Finally decided to delete and start again yesterday only to now have my site migration stuck at 10% for 24 hours.


A frustrating lack of options and brute force intervention have me investing huge time and money in the support desk


note: not personally holding support desk responsible as they have been 100% helpful every time I chat to them. 🙂 


It would not be so bad but I am in a country where calling the support line is near impossible and so I am unable to meet my deadlines. Does anyone know of a support email address that can be used or do I need to invest many more $$ in "on phone" frustration?


Thanks in advance Dave.

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Hi @DavidVoigts,


Sorry to hear of your problems. It may help though to know of a much cheaper (free) method to contact support, live chat service.

I get a hunch that you may not have that option available in your country as you would have probably discovered it by now. So I will tell you a method to access that from anywhere in the world;

proxy server!

Use a USA or European based proxy server (Firefox web browser is excellent to use in this field, download it free) and then visit the godaddy home page, stay there long enough (around a few minutes) and a pop up chat box inviting you to chat will appear. Bear in mind the language used will be English and so a translation program like the excellent and free 'google translate' may be handy if English isn't your mother tongue.


Hope this helps, though indirectly, as access to help is a solution in itself often. 

PS.. I know nothing about CMS! Smiley Happy

Advocate VII

Hi @DavidVoigts,


Is this a migration or a new installation from scratch?  If you are getting stuck on the migration, I've used a plugin called UpDraftPlus.  The migration/clone part of the plugin is a premium so there is a small charge for it.  In situations where GoDaddy's migration has not worked, I used UpdraftPlus. One key consideration in a migration is how big the site is that is being migrated.  If its a large you might try setting your memory and php limits high before beginning the migration.  Even if these are reset during the migration you should get the allocation of resources on the beginning of the migration to perhaps get you over the freeze-ups. 


You can also do the migration via FTP, but you'll need to make sure that your database is updated properly. 


Hope this helps,


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