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Wordpress admin backend EXTREMELY SLOW



Need some help here. Each time i click a button i have to wait 5 mins and often times it gives me a 408 error because page took too long to load. It can't be my internet connection nor computer. The page as well isnt that large yet. As for plugins, there are only Divi related plugins which i have also used for another web host (and it actually moves ok).




Need help

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Hi @limlimlim,

your site is slow but not as slow as 5 minutes (unless you were exaggerating there).

Community Manager

Hi @limlimlim,

Thought you'd might be interested in getting some tips on things to add or improve on your website, please feel to add a post with a link to your website url to our "Supersize Your Website" forum and have other Community members check out your site. Thanks!


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