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can't send emails from my wordpress site

I am trying to send emails after every suer registeration from my wordpress site but it seems no emails are sent. what is the problem and the solution


Hi @ayman2016. Thanks for posting.

With limited details, it's hard to say what might be occurring. If you follow up with more information, a member of the community might be able to better help out.

What hosting service were you using? Was any error message being received? Are you able to receive the email yourself, or are you able to send emails another way?

You can also contact support to review your account with them.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi @ayman2016


I have encountered this problem before.  My solution is generally to use an SMTP plugin like Easy WP SMTP, or one of the other plugins available in the Add Plugins area of your WordPress dashboard.


Hope this helps.






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Did you make an account with ofice 365 with an email and password. A tech messed mine all up and a gentlemen named George called me and fixed it But I set one up in Office 365, thats what its for. I hope this helps. I installed the SEO breadcrumb plug in my site is a white page with a bunch of letters. I am getting ready to contact them. If you need any help or just set mine up last month, I've had all kinds of problems with it. it's still a work in progress. I hope this helps.