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preview website file not working


We are facing some problems at a GoDaddy hosting environment, when installing a Wordpress website.

We are triying to run a installer generated by "Duplicator" plugin. We've managed to use this installer in other hosting environments, without problems.

We used this plugin to generate a backup of a website and duplicate and compress website content to move it to your server.

We’ve already contacted the producer of the plugin, but in the meantime, as they seek a solution, they recommended us to contact you in order to determine possible reasons for the following issue:

DNSs for this domain havent been pointed yet to your server, however, when accessing the preview website to make the install, there seems not to be response from “Next” button. You can see that at the following URL:

We’ve tried to see if there is any problem using FireBug (seems that some script is not permited to be excecuted at your server), but no error is shown, and the “Next” button is not working, even when all the mandatory checkbox has been selected.

Could you help us in order to determine the origin of the problem? What do you recommend in order to solve? Has anyone else ever reported a similar issue?

Appreciate your quick response and help.

Best regards.


Hi @intercloudmx, thanks for posting.

Taking a look at this, it seems like your domain name is already pointing to and working on GoDaddy hosting services. It looks like you already got this sorted out.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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