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wordpress fail - urgent problem, site down


i seem to have installed wordpress over an older version and it has wiped my website from wordpress.

it also does not recognise my old login.


it gave me a new login when i tried to install it.

i did not realise by installing it via godaddy installatron app it would wipe everything.


how can i recover?

please advise! urgent...

i have the website backed up from a month ago.


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Hi @saj1011,


you will be glad you made a backup, you are going to need it.................

Sorry but it's standard practice that if a file or files are written over previous files, that the previous files are no longer viewable. It's not a 'fault' of any particular software program, rather human error.


If I today make an update of my and upload it, my old is written over and gone.


But just be glad that you had made a backup, even though it may need updating.