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    Upgrading to a VPS

    My only concern is that I want to have root access and edit some vhosts file . My app is using laravel framework and there is a problem in accessing the /public and the .git repository of it.


    Because I used git push and git pull in updating sites (not using ftp), because I usually deploy laravel sites using Laravel Forge.


    Back to my main question, Is it safe to upgrade to VPS without losing the database? And am I doing the right thing? Or there are ways to access the vhosts file without upgrading to VPS.

    Lastly, this is the right way to upgrade to VPS right? [SEE PIC]gd.png

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    Hi @pixzeldigital, thanks for posting.

    It looks like you are using a cPanel account. There is not a direct upgrade from cPanel hosting to a VPS. If you are needing to switch to a VPS, you would need to purchase a VPS as a new plan and then manually migrate your files and databases to the new VPS plan.


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