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    mariadb / mysql permissions/ownership in /run cos7 VPS

    i have a VPS which i recently rebuilt onto centos7.

    the mariadb service starts fine upon initial installation and securing, however, after reboot, the service will not start, stating no access to pid file in /var/run/mariadb/whaterver.pid.


    owner on /run/mariadb get reset to root:root instead of staying mysql:mysql after reboot.


    i even tried a script on /etc/tmpfiles.d/mariadb.conf  which does:

    d /var/run/mariadb 0755 mysql mysql -

     this script does appear to create the directory but owner always changes to root:root after reboot completes.


    I ended up 'fixing' this issue by manually mapping the pid-file=/var/lib/mariadb/mariadb.pid and setting permissions to mysql:mysql on /var/lib/mariadb


    i've also found that i cannot enable selinux, and firewalld commands do not work.


    my local lab/dev version of cos7 with minimal install and a duplicated wordpress does not have any of these issues.

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    thank you