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    mysql service won't start - cannot allocate memory error


    My website through an "out of memory" error and so I rebooted the server.


    Now it refuses to allow the mysqld service to start up, claiming that it cannot allocate memory - however the "free -m" command states that almost all of the servers memory is available.


    Nginx and PHP start perfectly fine.


    PAM unable to dlopen(/usr/lib64/security/pam_unix.so): libnsl.so.1: failed to map segment from shared objec
    Jan 28 12:32:03 s166-62-92-89.secureserver.net sudo[30779]: PAM adding faulty module: /usr/lib64/security/pam_unix.so
    Feb 03 11:23:34 s166-62-92-89.secureserver.net sshd[8063]: error: do_exec_pty: fork: Cannot allocate memory
    Feb 03 11:25:05 s166-62-92-89.secureserver.net sshd[8084]: error: do_exec_pty: fork: Cannot allocate memory


    Any suggestions?


    Best Regards,



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