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    GREAT Customer Service

    Jan. 7 2017


    I opened my checking account and found $359.00 automatically renewed out of the same account I pay my monthly mortgage. My auto renew I found in my account was off. I was to say the least EXTREMELY pissed, especially when the domain says renew by 3/26/17, and NOTHING as a warning was posted for the expiration of the hosting. I immediately contacted Go Daddy, waited bout 30 minutes then Victor answered the line. I must say if I had of been Victor I would have hung up the phone on me!

    Victor handled my anger with the best calmness and customer service I could have possibly had today. He solved my problem & after I calmed down we went through straightening out my account. I talked to his supervisor, Daniel, after the problems were resolved. Victor certainly has the quality control to become a great supervisor! Thank you again Victor for having the patience great JOB! 

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    Re: GREAT Customer Service

    I have seen people complain about tech support here, but I'm with you, @TylerW1, I think GD tech support is pretty amazing, when it comes to solving problems. I manage quite a few websites for clients, so I call pretty often with questions or issues -- and almost without exception, they are able to help me. Last week I had a sticky database issue, they stuck with me for TWO HOURS, escalating up the chain until the problem was resolved. Every single person was polite, patient, and helpful. My husband, on the other hand, was unhappy that I delayed dinner while on the phone. But I digress...


    I know some people expect/assume that the customer is always right [not true] and that tech support is absolutely responsible, no matter who made the mistake [again, not true].


    In my corporate life -- 20 years ago now--  I managed an IT department at a high-tech company, which included tech support. Our department motto was "Praise is the absence of criticism." In other words, if no one calls to complain, it is a GREAT day in IT. But we'd also observe that no one ever calls to say "hey, my computer/phone/website/network is working just FINE today, thanks." 

    So the next time you call tech support, remember that MOST of the time, things work just fine ;-) Not always, but usually. Try to be calm and patient, and thank the person who DOES solve your problem.



    I've been deleting my domain that you've already booked a few days by mistake

    Re: GREAT Customer Service

    Customer Service should be provided to people by people who have personal values that aren't hampered by "political correctness" or "company policy" .  The good ones provide good customer service by thinking like a customer rather than what "management" thinks.  In every organization their are poor managers that one must work around until they are exposed for who they are.  When you come across one, "throw them under the bus quickly before they throw you and the customer under the bus.  They don't know any better because they are bosses rather than leaders.  Shining Warrior has worked with Go Daddy for years.  They have always resolved every issue we have every experienced.  It is all a matter of attitude.  You want your money back?  They will give it to you.  You want help.  They will resolve the issue for you.  Good people.  Not mobile friendly (as they should be)  But good people.


    Re: GREAT Customer Service

    Hey @ShiningWarrior,


    Your shout out; as well as everyone else's here, is greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy


    As for the 'mobile friendly' part mentioned at the end; we're definitely working on that. Have you checked out our new GoCentral Website Builder? Let's you build site in under an hour all from the convenience of your mobile device. 


    And that's just the start this year. Keep an ear out for more to come. Smiley Happy


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