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Godaddy support team unable to install WP on site..

I have a shared hosting Plan with Godaddy and am aware that support is an issue with godaddy ,but for the past 4 days I  have been unable to install wordpress on my site . Godaddy says its a known issue with the server and will resolve it But cannot tell you how long it will take .Total hours spent online in the past 4 days is around 10 hours and still no idea how they will resolve or when they will resolve.Spoke to 3 Godaddy guides and all give the same answers  .We have been with Godaddy for more than 5 years but  this kind of incompetence is too much .Finally decided to leave for another hosting provider .


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I can't begin to understand what the actual issue is because I have no visibility into your account @Rajit. I have had many productive calls with the GoDaddy support team and over the years they have been extremely helpful. Again, I don't know the specifics of your situation but I can't help to think that GoDaddy support is doing everything within their power to assist you?


I am not sure about your particular experience with installing WordPress but typically support will not install WordPress directly onto shared hosting? Usually when it comes to shared hosting, support only provides the resources, instructions and will talk you through you doing the setup. If complete product support for WordPress is something you want have you considered the GoDaddy Managed WordPress offering? If you are interested check out What is Managed WordPress? I hope that helps? Come back and let us know how your issue was resolved. Your resolution may help others?


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Hi Roy ,

I have multiple domains on my hosting plan and this is regarding a particular domain on which i was unable to install WP and hence requested support for help .The reply after being kept online for 4 hours is "

"This is currently a known issue at the server end. Our admins are working on getting it resolved as soon as possible. However, we are unable to provide an official time-frame for when services will be restored " . This is same answer I have been getting since the 23rd of May .

Sorry ..i expected better support from Godaddy .

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I can definitely understand your disappointment and frustration with this situation, @Rajit. There are occasionally issues like this that pop up. Most of the time, an issue like what's happening in this situation, the fix is put in place within a few hours. However, in some cases it can take longer (or much longer) unfortunately.


I can tell you that in general, our support team will not provide an expected time for a fix for virtually any product. I'm not sure on all the reasons for this. I suspect that it is prevent false expectations, as we prefer to under promise and over deliver rather than the opposite. I know that waiting for an unknown amount of time is uncomfortable, but I can assure you our teams are working as quickly as they can to address the root cause of the issue that's preventing installs. 


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