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HELP: Pointing Issues

Hi, all:


I would like to ask for your assistance regarding my silly problem. Here are the details:

1. I had a website built by this web guy.
2. My domain is registered with and the website used to be hosted somewhere else
3. I have moved away from the web guy and purchased CPanel hosting with GoDaddy.
4. The web guy still has control of the domain, so I provided him with my NS for him to point the website to Godaddy
5. Now, I didn't transfer my web files to my new host anymore, since I am planning to create a whole new different site with different content via Wordpress.
6. Web guy said he has now pointed the domain to Godaddy NS (WhoIs also confirms this)
7. When I visit my domain, it is still showing the old site (*Note: I have already installed Wordpress from my cpanel) 
8. Visiting produces no result.

Please help. What did I do wrong? Thank you all