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Laravel 1 minute delay sending email from cPanel hosting


I easily send instantaneous emails from my Laravel app when running locally. But when the app is hosted on Godaddy (delux linux + c-panel package) using the following credentials (as suggested by Godaddy, I can't get rid of this 1-minute delay in receiving the message.







I also tried sending using sendmail driver and get same result.

I am using the g-suite email services and have checked with google support that the mx records are ok. Webmail is also normally quick.

Please help 🙂


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Hello @fcmarquis and welcome! The good news is (as near as I can tell) there is nothing wrong with your configuration. If it worked without issue last week and you have not made any configuration changes then it should continue to work for you. Personally when I'm using G Suite email I take advantage of the one minute email pull back but I'm the type to really need that feature.


You indicated that your emails still send but now there is a delay that is abnormal to you. I am sure you know that recently there has been a huge work from home spike? I can't help but to wonder if server utilization is working to introduce such a slow down? In my own environments what was plenty last month is sluggish this month. Do you think this could be your issue or have you identified a different culprit?


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