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Mail cannot connect to server

Hi all,

About a week ago I noticed I stopped receiving emails through the mail app on my iPhone. I logged into cpanel and noticed a redirect to the email page. I have tried setting up emails again on my device however it says every time cannot connect to server?? This is strange as it was working before. I spoke to godaddy who told me to do what I had already tried. Remove ssl, try ssl, IMAP instead of pop. All my original settings and still cannot connect. Any help would be much appreciated. It’s inconvenient logging into Cpanel to try reply to emails.


Hello @Thendo86 : 


Welcome to the Community!  Im sorry you are having trouble with your email service on cpanel.  Please excuse my troubleshooting methods as it is more ruling out and not skipping steps to ensure we have covered all bases.

1. Have you checked your mx records?  Please check both in your Domain Name settings and also externally via  These should match.  

2. Has the password been changed recently by you or someone with account access?  If so, it would need to be updated within the 3rd party mail client.

3. Are resources enough within the cpanel to support the email load?  Please keep in mind that your hsoting account is only allocated a certain amount of files, and those files get utilized by each and every email that you send.  

4. Try to remove then re-add your email account to the client as long as the first 4 items check ok checking set up with : Email Wizard  

5. Double check your DNS to ensure it has all the records in place to use cpanel email - article link : Cpanel DNS for email  

6. This one should be #1 but always check browser settings and empty out cache and cookies or use a private window. 

7. After all above steps have been completed, and no change, then it is very likely either ISP issues or issue through the 3rd party mail client itself.  

Hope this helps resolve your email issue, and remember that if resources are being eaten up by your email usage, it will affect your website on the same hosting plan greatly too.  You may want to consider using a separate email plan that we offer.  We can even migrate your cpanel emails over to a new plan if that is the route you choose.  Good luck and let us know if it works out 🙂

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