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My Hosting is In Resource Limits

Hello. Anyone can help me with my problem. Sorry if this is not the right I want to ask. 


Before this I already upgrade my hosting plan from MYR44.98/month to MYR88.98/month. But unfortunately, there is still come out the warning orange alert asking to upgrade to the higher plan which is MYR133.99/month.


And Yes, I already click and select the MYR133.99/month, but I couldn't still upgrade the new plan. the alert orange still come out.


Anyone can help? 


Hello @nurhazwani!


Thank you for posting. If you've upgraded your plan and you're still getting a warning that you're close to your resource limit, I'd recommend looking at the resource it's indicating and see if there's something you can do to reduce your use of that resource. For example; if you're being warned that you're using the maximum memory you've been allotted, you'll want to look at the applications and plugins you have installed to see if one of them is malfunctioning. If you're being warned that you're running out of file storage, you may want to try and reduce the amount of files you're storing on the server. If you find that you're plugins and applications are working fine, or that you cannot reduce the amount of files you need to store on the server, you may need to move to a VPS or Dedicated Server option. 


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