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Problems hosting Adobe Muse website

I have tried for a long time to upload my Muse website but it's not working. I've reached the point where I want to pour boiling water over my keyboard while screaming at the top of my lungs. Please help. I'm begging you.


I'll tell you the steps I've gone through, and then HOPEFULLY someone can tell me where I've gone wrong.


So I bought the domain name on GoDaddy. I then went and created another GoDaddy account and bought web hosting (dumb, I know). I set the URL as an 'addon domain'. I did not create a new FTP account associated with the domain as GoDaddy support told me this was unnecessary. I have connected Muse to my existing FTP account. When it asks me the site URL, I type in I click go and Muse does it's thing. It always looks so promising but does the website work? Nope. 


I keep getting the following error message but it might as well be written in a foreign language. Literally no idea what this means:


"Unexpected HTML response to PHP query. Be sure the site URL entered in the FTP upload dialog is correct, and PHP is configured correctly on your web server. Contact your hosting provider or website administrator about how to configure PHP support." 



Again, from the bottom of my heart I ask you... please help me. Please. 



Hey @Emilylucybrowne,


I think you may have purchased hosting and setup the domain on the account without actually registering it first. The reason I say this is cause DNS DiG and public WhoIs searches of indicate it's still available for open registration. So the domain doesn't exist or point to an IP address if you try to use it for FTP client connections. 


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