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Tsohost & Paragon owned by GoDaddy - Zero Support available unresolved problems

After numerous attempts to try to reach out to someone at Tsohost for support i have been unsuccessful due to a failure in the support submission form (Internal Server Error).  A bit of research led me to discover that Tsohost fell under Paragons umbrella which is now under GoDaddy.  Can i get some guidance from someone in support here, before i move all my services to somewhere more professional such as AWS.  I understand that there are reduced workforces in place, none the less, there should be someone available in some capacity.



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Respectfully regardless of TSO ownership etc, they are their own company in regards to support. I do see that they are currently having issues with various items - I suggest opening a ticket there as they mention on their status page



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Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is appreciated.
As per my OP, that is the main part of the problem, their support mechanism is not working.  It is returning an 'Internal server error' when submitting the support form.  Their chat is not working either.  So there essentially is no support in place at all.  I will more than likely move my services and advise my clients to do so as well, i have never been a fan of the services that Go Daddy provide and this is, quite frankly, the nail in the coffin.  

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Hi @AndyJ. Sorry to hear you were having trouble. I have no information on the support system at TSOHost, but I have passed along your information (such as I have) to that team. 


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Thanks Jesse.

The problem has now been resolved, and a special thanks to Daniel K who resolved the issues for me.