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Which web dev technology actually works on GoDaddy shared web hosting?

I'm volunteering for a nonprofit who bought ultimate web hosting plan (among other things).

  • WordPress doesn't work well because GoDaddy is on an outdated (and insecure) PHP v5.x
  • We even have a basic managed WordPress plan, but it's extremely restrictive and doesn't provide cPanel access or any other way to configure the backend.

I'm reaching out to the community to help me get some benefit out of the investments done so far. In particular, which technology/framework can I use for -

  • Frontend (e.g. Bootstrap 4)
  • Client side scripting (React or Angular)
  • Server side scripting/programming

Please note, I'm open to use any technology as long as it gets periodically updated in the shared hosting plan. My current understanding, after talking with GoDaddy support, is that shared hosting only provides an outdated PHP and nothing else. I really hope this is not true.

Reference - PHP End of Life (
v5.4 - Reached EOL on 3rd Sep 2015

v5.6 - Reached EOL on 31st Dec 2018

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GoDaddy's shared servers run PHP 7.4.

I would suggest a VPS or Dedicated server for the options you want to use, as that will give you the greatest customizability for your needs.

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