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Work Email in cpanel

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing great. Please be noted that I have the hosting and domain account in godaddy. I have generated 5 emails addresses from the cpanel email wizards or email account and configured in my outlook. First of all while configuring email in outlook its not getting connected by automatic. anyhow i have configured it with manual configuration. One big issue is that I can't receive email from hotmail/gmail/yahoo. whenever i sent from hotmail it bounce me an undelivered email with this message, 

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

A communication failure occurred during the delivery of this message. Please try to resend the message later. If the problem continues, contact your email admin.


Can you please guide me how to fix this issue while our client is sending me an email and i am not able to receive.

Thanks in advance.

Community Manager

Hi @resopera. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that there's a problem delivering email to your address because it has non-latin based characters (ä). I'd recommend using "a" instead (in your email as well as where the email address is set up) to see if that helps. I'm not positive, but I'd be willing to bet that character isn't supported by the email system. 


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