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cPanel Account Creation (Is this 2017?)

Hello Folks-


I tried creating what's necessary to get started on GoDaddy web hosting via cPanel and found something unusual. After going through the steps to create the cPanel account (which has graphics that would lead you believe it's automated), it says you'll receive an email when it's completed.


After waiting a few minutes for the email telling me it's created, I googled how long it takes and found out that it takes 24-48 hours! Wow. Now that it's been 24 hours later, I realize the following:


  1. Creating a cPanel account on the GoDaddy backend is a completely manual process.  Anything that takes more than a few minutes isn't automated.
  2. Since it's manual, therefore GoDaddy engineers are literally C&P your passwords in when they create your accounts manually.

I am more than a little surprised by this since I've been using other services that create the cPanel accounts automatically since 2005. I hope other people have had different experiences than this for their new hosting accounts. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this because as a DevOps engineer, it baffles me.


Re: cPanel Account Creation (Is this 2017?)

Hey @midwestfivestar,


Was this for a shared hosting plan or Dedicated Server? Shared hosting cPanel plans are automated and shouldn't take longer than a few hours to complete setup. If it's been more than a few hours since you initiated the setup of your shared hosting plan, then you'll need to reach out to our live support as it indicates an issue that requires further investigation by our hosting team. 


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Re: cPanel Account Creation (Is this 2017?)

There was an issue with the cPanel account creation with my shared hosting plan and contacting support was able to resolve.