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cPanel CPU usage 99/100

From the title you can see that I am having issues with cPanel showing my CPU usage at 99/100. I'm not sure what is causing this but I am worried since I am seeing a message that says if I don't upgrade my resources then I could experience downtime. If I could be pointed in the right direction to reduce the CPU usage that would be very helpful, and if I could do it without upgrading my plan that would be even better.


Also I am having issues when uploading images to wordpress, I keep getting a HTTP upload error. Could the high CPU usage cause this issue? I've found that large images, such as 3000x2000, have a hard time uploading. How am I supposed to incorporate high quality images into my website if I'm always having to reduce the size or quality?


I'm using wordpress 4.7.5 and using the SmartMag theme.

My website is "" if that helps at all.

My current plan with godaddy is the "deluxe linux hosting with cPanel".

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Re: cPanel CPU usage 99/100

Hi @uclanternnews,


welcome to the forum....


One thing that struck me is that you have some high quality images on your site and I suspect that you are inadvertently providing hosting of those images to bad people hot linking to them. In effect stealing your bandwidth (and borrowing your images).

Try preventing hot linking and see if it improves your site efficiency:  let me know if it helps.


As a side note the one good thing is if many people are hot linking, with one foul swoop you just stopped their sites working properly, they deserve it! It's going to cost you money if that is the cause.


😊 “I am not a Godaddy employee here, just trying to help out a little.” 😊

Re: cPanel CPU usage 99/100

Thank you so much @Anonymous</a>, hotlinking was the problem! I never would have guessed that people were hotlinking to my images and stealing my bandwidth. I pasted the code from into my .htaccess file and immediately my cpu usage went from 99/100 to 0/100. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help!

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Re: cPanel CPU usage 99/100

Hi @uclanternnews,


That is brilliant news @uclanternnews, just a hunch really 🙂 

I see that your site is a college and I am thinking a LOT of students facebook and Wordpress pictures have suddenly GONE!!....... but someone has to pay for the bandwidth your site uses, and I just saved you from an expensive upgrade. May I perhaps make a small suggestion? Perhaps allow some downloads for some items, keeps everyone happy 🙂 Nice site by the way! 


It's happy results like these that motivate me here, thank you.


 Cat Very Happy “I must politely inform you that I am not a Godaddy employee, just a freelance developer trying to help out a little when I can.” Cat Very Happy


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