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cust suppor in India

What is happening to GoDaddy in India???????

I have subscribed to GoDaddy cPanel Linux hosting and paid for 3 years plan in advance. 2-3 days ago all the 5 email ids that I have created and configured in cPanel and in use since last year have all of sudden disappeared from cPanel. I have inquired cust support and they replied saying they could not figure out what happened to them and suggested to me to create them again, can anyone believe it? And, today when I have created the same email ids again in CPanel some of them are not working? The cust support guy has closed the conversation and offered to start everything from scratch to go through the process of selection, waiting for 18 min to someone connect with me. This has happened to me repeatedly from cust support guys. They are simply cutting off the conversation when they are unable to solve the issues. I am confused about the services of GoDaddy here.