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how to change folder permissions to 777

how to change folder permissions to 777 read write and execute while i use windows host

i can`t change it what can i do?

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: how to change folder permissions to 777

Hello @nouna


I have found for you two tutorials:

-1- Set directory permissions under Windows Web & Classic Hosting

-2- Set directory permissions under Windows Hosting (Plesk)


Choose the one it applies to your hosting situation.


Good luck. 🙂

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Re: how to change folder permissions to 777

Hi @nouna

Don't change your folders to permissions 777! 

I'm really not sure to recommend you doing that. You know enough to know that that is the octal method of changing file permissions but in your public_html folder it's dangerous. Not recommended for the rest of your files either. 

The first number (7) represents you, the owner of the file (or folder/directory). It's comprised of three numbers 4 (read), 2 (write) and 1 (execute). The second represents group (this would be folk you enabled share with, YOUR group). But the third number represents THE WHOLE WORLD!! So in effect you would be allowing the whole world to not only read your file and execute (execute here can simply be a script running for example, not serious), but, and this is important, it would allow anyone to rewrite the code or place malicious code into that folder. Your website files have to go in the public_html folder. Called public because it's available to the public. Not everyone is nice Nouna and seeing your website as it's meant to be displayed is not the only way they can see what files you have in public_html. If they find any files or folders that have all permissions then basically they have all the permissions that you too have!

755 permissions are much safer! 7 (all permissions for you) 5 (read and execute for group) and 5 (read and execute only for the whole wide wonderful world).

Take care Nouna.

Helper I

Re: how to change folder permissions to 777

It's very important that I have the permissions of a specific folder and it's contents changed to 777 or 557.  Is there any place I can put the folder that will allow me to do this?  I currently have the folder right under the root and I am unable to change the permissions to anything that works while using the Plesk Hosting method, or at least where that folder is currently located, because I am receiving a 500 internal server error when the script tries to access the index.php file.  I am certain the php code is absolutely perfect. Also, is there a way to password protect the folder so when I point my browser there the first thing I am prompted to do is enter a password?  This seems like something that just might work if possible.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

Re: how to change folder permissions to 777

I can´t download files by ftp. Dont have permission to visibitily. The directory was created to install worpress.