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Annoying "Update Browser" Message

I am really getting fed up with being constantly pstered by GoDaddy's 'helpfull' advice:


We're not ageist, but your old browser is holding us back.

Update to the latest version to see this site in all its glory.

I get this whenever I run Firefox. No, I need the version I am running and I really don't care what GoDaddy thinks. I only use this for GoDaddy's website when the Safari page stops working (There are numerous issues with GoDaddy's website).
Just a word of advice. Ask Nicely ONCE then kindly [removed] off and stop displaying these messages. I don't need to see this popping up on every page I open. I wouldn't use Firefox if you fixed the issues on Safari.
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The warning appears as there could be compatibility issues while using outdated browsers.  You could try with Chrome if that helps you avoid problems.  Though in general I'd recommend all software to be running with the latest security updates.

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