I can't SSH nor SFTP to my WordPress server anymore...

So I've chatted with GoDaddy support twice and no one has been able to help me and has considered my issue to be SOL.


Up until a couple days ago, I was about to SSH and SFTP onto both production and staging to push changes to a WordPress theme I'm working on. Now. Every time I try to SSH or SFTP, the connection times out. Yes, I am able to ping both sites.


Some possible relevant factors:

*The last SFTP upload I made broke the theme and I am no longer about to get the WP admin. I am trying to SFTP again so I can fix the issue but you can see how that's going...

*I also updated to the latest security patch released by Apple but I really don't think that's related. I tried ssh on another Mac (that did not update to that patch) and it still yields the same results.

*I am able to SSH just fine to my A2 Hosting server (not using port 22) and I can SFTP into my other GoDaddy Shared Hosting account (also not using port 22).


It'd be great to get actual help with this issue since it's keeping me from developing from a client. If all else fails, I'll just recommend changing hosting services.