GoDaddy needs to add a Recaptcha to the User Login URL.

Hi Everyone,

I just had a very concerning chat with a GoDaddy support person. The conversation is all about the need for a reCaptcha on the User Login Page  supplied by GoDaddy through the WordPress plugin.

Interestingly, GoDaddy has two Create an Account URL's one with a reCaptcha and without. I found this out yesterday after having over 750 bot accounts created on my WP site overnight on the 12 th. We are using the WP plugin and the VirtuSky Theme.

The correct URL for the Create an Account page on DimenXional Cloud Technologies Site is:

Sorry I cleared my cache and I do not have the old Create an Account URL that does not have a reCaptcha. Why do they have two pages. They need to remove the Create an Account URL that does not have a reCaptcha!!

Also the GoDaddy supplied User Login page does not have a reCaptcha here is our URL

I hope everyone else is looking at this because this is an open invitation to a brute force attack. Any Brute force attack to the login URL could or will impact the DimenXional Cloud Tech site as the login is connected to WordPress's user tables!

Does anyone else care about this issue or am I just over the top trying to stop crap from Bots from getting to the site. Over 750 bogus account were created in just a few hours because GoDaddy has not protected these pages to industry standards!!