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Adding a Website Protection Site Scanner Seal to Website Builder

After your Website Builder site receives a passing score in Website Protection Site Scanner, you can display the Site Scanner site seal on your Web pages. The site seal displays the date of the last scan, showing visitors that your site is free of security threats.

See Retrieving Your Website Protection Site Scanner Seal Code for steps to retrieve the code for your Site Scanner site seal.

To Add a Site Scanner Site Seal on a Website Builder Site

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account.
  2. From the Design drop-down menu, click Launch Page Designer. Your website displays in the page designer.
  3. From the Page drop-down menu, select the page where you want to display the site seal.
  4. Click the block where you want your seal to display. Blocks are outlined in blue.
  5. Position your cursor where you want to add the site seal.
  6. Click the Insert tab, and then click Script.
  7. In the Enter JavaScript text box, delete the default scripting and paste the code for your Site Scanner site seal.
  8. Click OK.

JavaScript does not display in the Editor, so you must preview your website to view the site seal. After you complete your changes, you must publish your site.

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