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Destroy a server

If you no longer want to use a server, you can destroy it.

Warning: Once you destroy a server, you cannot retrieve its data — nor can you contact us to have its data restored. We always recommend taking snapshots before destroying your servers.

Note: Unless you used a dynamic IP address on the old server, you will need to update any domain names to use the new server's IP address. If you used a dynamic IP address, you'll need to assign it to the new server.

  1. In Cloud Servers, click the server you want to use.
  2. Click Stop.
  3. Click the Snapshots tab.
  4. Enter a Snapshot name, and then click Take snapshot.

    Depending on the size of the server, the snapshot can take a few minutes to create. Do not complete the next step until your snapshot has completed.
  5. Click the Destroy tab.
  6. Click Destroy twice.

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