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Displaying Your Domains on Geo Domain Map

Here's the Lowdown: Display your domains on GeoDomainMap to get exposure to professionals around the world. Purchase a GoDaddy Auctions® account to get started - click here to learn how!

Click here to learn about GeoDomainMap.

To Display Domains on GeoDomainsMap

  1. Log in to GoDaddy Auctions. Your Account Manager displays.
  2. Click Auctions.
  3. From the Sell Domains menu, select List a Domain.
  4. Complete the fields as specified, and then click Continue.
  5. Read the Terms of Service, and, if you agree to the terms, select I agree.
  6. Click Checkout and proceed through the checkout.

    NOTE: Your domain name must contain a city name to be displayed on GeoDomainMap.

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