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Getting started with outsourcing

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring an outside party to perform services or to complete a task that you or one of your employees typically do. As an entrepreneur, you are busy! If you outsource tasks that can be done by someone else, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that only you can do.

You might be thinking the best time to outsource is when you’ve got plenty of money, you have more work than you know what to do with, or until you’re unable to take on more clients because your schedule is packed! The sooner you start outsourcing and delegating, the sooner you can focus on the ideas and action items that can help your business grow and make more revenue. So, why wait?

Watch this video where Geoffrey shares tips for knowing when it’s time to outsource.

Thinking about outsourcing some tasks for your business, but not sure where to start? A quick search for “outsourcing help” will make it clear how much help is available online. But first, it’s important to decide what task or tasks you want to start with. Listing all the things you do daily and marking which ones you would feel comfortable outsourcing can help you narrow your search.

There are loads of popular, reputable tools online, such as Upwork and Fiverr, which will allow for very specific searches for any help you might need. Before outsourcing any work, make note of your goals or expectations, so you can later determine if the outsourcing was successful. As you make connections and start to outsource work, keep track of whom you used and which tool/site you used to find the connection.

Watch this video where Joseph shares tips for how to get started with outsourcing.

If you’re feeling budget constraints, the last thing you might consider is spending money on outsourcing tasks. But, according to Aseem Kishore, founder of Help Desk Geek, the best time to outsource is when you’re having financial issues. Kishore explains that managers and executives often have enough on their plate, and if they can outsource certain tasks, they can focus on running and growing the business.

A key part of any budget consideration is to measure your time and money costs. In the case of outsourcing, you’ll want to determine how much time and money you might save by working with someone else. You can do this by setting up an experiment with at least one initial task. If you’re looking for social media help, for example, determine what a “win” might look like, in terms of money and time savings. If the outsourcing does turn out to be a time and money-saver, you can take those earnings (and learnings) and move forward with more outsourced tasks!

Watch this video where Joseph shares tips for outsourcing on a budget.