Manage hosting account domains

After you set up your hosting account, you can manage the domains it uses:

Action Description
Add Domains Add domains to your account to either alias your existing website or host entirely independent websites.

Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk / Managed WordPress
Remove Domains Remove domains you added but no longer want to use on this hosting account. This also lets you move domains between hosting accounts.

Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk / Managed WordPress
Change Primary Domain Changing the primary hosted domain lets you host a different website in the root folder of your hosting account.

Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk / Managed WordPress
Change Secondary
Domains' Folders
Secondary domains can use folders besides the hosting account's root as the root for their websites — you can change which folders they use at any time.

Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk
Add Subdomain Subdomains are for websites using anything in front of your domain besides www. For example, in, blog is a subdomain.

Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk

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