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Manually Inputting Invoice Numbers in Quick Shopping Cart

If you don't want your invoice numbers to reflect how many orders you ship, Quick Shopping Cart® lets you manually input an invoice number. When you do, that invoice number applied to your next order, and then each subsequent invoice number increases by one. When you manually input an invoice number, it must be greater than the previous one.

Invoice numbers can include no more than 10 digits. If you select an invoice number including fewer than 10 digits, zeroes display in place of the digits you leave out.

To Manually Input Invoice Numbers

  1. Log in to your Quick Shopping Cart account.
  2. From the Setup menu, go to Business Information, and then select Store Preferences.
  3. From the General tab, go to the Order section, and then click Set Next Invoice Number.
  4. In the Next Invoice Number field, enter an invoice number, and then click OK.
  5. A confirmation displays indicating the next invoice number will be the value you entered.

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