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Report an email to Advanced Email Security

With Advanced Email Security, all incoming email is flagged with a banner that explains their potential threat level. If you receive an email and the banner isn't showing the right threat level, report it and help improve Advanced Email Security.

Required: This article is for Advanced Email Security powered by INKY. You can verify that you have INKY by signing in and checking if there's a blue header that includes "Powered by INKY" displayed at the top of your dashboard.
dashboard banner
  1. In the email, select Report This Email below the banner.
    report this email selected below a banner
  2. To sign in to Advanced Email Security, select Sign in with Microsoft or manually enter your contact email address.
    Note: You must be signed in to add to your allow or block list (and see the options in step 6).
    sign in with microsoft or enter contact email address
  3. Choose if you'd classify this email as Safe, Spam or Phishing.
    options for email labels
  4. (Optional) Add a comment on why the message should be classified with the selected label.
  5. Confirm that Send raw message for analysis is selected, and then if applicable, select the checkboxes for I clicked a link and I opened an attachment.
    checkboxes next to statements
  6. Depending on how you classified the message or whether you're signed in as the user who received the email, you might have the option to add the email or domain to an allow or block list.
    authenticated options to remove message from account or block mail
  7. Select Submit. This information is used to help Advanced Email Security improve how it flags messages in the future.

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