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Updating DNS records

For your Hosted Exchange Email account to work properly, you need to modify your domain's DNS records.

  • If the domain name is registered in the same account as the Hosted Exchange Email account, you can select to update your MX records during the Exchange domain name setup process.
  • If the domain name is not registered in the same account, you need to use the following information to update its DNS records:

    Before continuing, you need to know which version of Exchange your mailbox uses. For more information, see Finding your email version. The modification to your DNS records won't take affect, or propagate, immediately. For more information about propagation, see What factors affect DNS propagation time?

MX Records

  • Change the priority 0 MX record to:
    • Exchange 2007 —
    • Exchange 2010 —,, or


  • Create a CNAME called OWA pointed to:
    • Exchange 2007 —
    • Exchange 2010 —,, or
  • Create a CNAME called autodiscover pointed to:
    • Exchange 2007 —
    • Exchange 2010 —,, or

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