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Verify my certificate request

Before we can issue your certificate, we are required to verify that you control the domain(s) that you are requesting the certificate for. With Extended and Organization Validation certificates we also need to verify your identity and that you are eligible for that type of certificate.

To speed things up and leave you with time to work on other things, we try to do the verification with information we already have or with information we can get from third parties. If there is additional information needed, a member of our verification team will reach out and tell you what they need to approve your certificate request.

To help get your certificate issued as quickly as possible, watch for emails and phone calls from our verification team and get any requested information to them as quickly as you can. We usually issue certificates within 24 hours of receiving everything that is required to approve the certificate.

With all certificates, we will send an email when your certificate is issued.

Next step

After we issue your SSL certificate, your next step depends on where you're using the certificate.

Location Next step
Primary domain name on a GoDaddy product We'll finish the SSL installation for you if the SSL is on the primary domain of the hosting product. You may need to redirect your site traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.
Addon domains, VPS, Dedicated Servers, and other hosting providers

Step 3, download your certificate!

If you would like to know more about the verification process, see Verify my domain control and eligibility for an SSL certificate.

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