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What is your criteria for accepting Domain Authorization Letters?

If we cannot verify the certificate requestor's domain control (i.e., we cannot find the registrant's name in Whois database or the registrant is a privacy company), the certificate requestor must obtain and submit a Domain Authorization Letter from the domain registrar.

Domain Authorization Letters must comply with the following criteria:

  • We will only accept Domain Authorization Letters from the private, anonymous or proxy registration service company listed in the Whois database.
  • The Domain Authorization Letter must be on the private, anonymous or proxy registration services company's letterhead and signed by the company's general manager or equivalent.
  • The Domain Authorization Letter must contain the name of the organization applying for the certificate, the domain name included in the certificate request, the registrant's name (normally the private, anonymous or proxy registration services company) and a statement authorizing the certificate applicant the right to use the domain name in a digital certificate.
  • A Domain Authorization Letter is required for any domains that are registered through a private, anonymous or proxy registration service. It is the customer's responsibility to request the letter from his or her current domain registrar.

NOTE: You may be required to provide an English translation of any non-English documentation you are submitting.

When receive the documents, an RA associate verifies the Domain Authorization Letter is in the acceptable format and that all required information is correct before manually completing the domain authorization process.

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