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What's included in my Website Care plan?

Requesting updates from our Website Care team is easy. Here's a list of the website design and layout tasks that are included as part of your Website Care plan, covering just about everything you need for a great website:

  • Changing colors or fonts
  • Updating, adding or removing text or images
  • Rearranging elements of your site template
  • Changing your site navigation or menu
  • Adding or updating a CTA (call-to-action) button
  • Setting up a contact form so your audience can reach you
  • Making a new page on your site (you write the text, we build the page)
  • Setting up a blog post or adding new posts (you send us the post you've written)
  • Adding an email sign-up form (we build and test it to be sure it works)
  • Adding an appointment or booking feature to your site
  • Adding new products to your existing eCommerce site (you send us the images, descriptions, and prices)
  • Adding links to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Updating visuals to reflect seasonal changes (like holidays, specials)

What's not included in my Website Care plan?

The following items aren't included in the service:

  • Building a new website or store
  • Fixing something on a 3rd party website (not yours)
  • Helping you publish your website
  • Helping with eComm shipping, payments, or your taxes
  • Writing Terms & Conditions, Legal, or Privacy pages
  • Building a custom tool or site function
  • Designing or editing your logo
  • Editing photos or videos
  • Writing blog content or new site copy
  • Managing email marketing

For tasks like these, talk to a Guide for more website service options and products.

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