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Which templates support widgets in Quick Shopping Cart?

Some of the original Quick Shopping Cart® templates don't support Sidebar Widgets. Check the list below to see which templates currently do.

For more information, see Managing Widgets in Quick Shopping Cart.

Category Template Name
Animals Bark Park
Animals Horse Ranch
Auto and Transportation Dirt
Auto and Transportation Drift
Auto and Transportation Racing
Clothing Boutique
Clothing Pinstripe Suit
Clothing Riveting
Community Collegey
Community Curtain Call
Community Helping Hands
Community Townscape
Creative and Design Architecture
Creative and Design Blurb
Creative and Design Collective
Creative and Design Daily Grind
Creative and Design Focus
Creative and Design Griddy
Creative and Design Hello World
Creative and Design Penmanship
Creative and Design Pretty Things
Creative and Design Sketchey
Family Crocolog
Family Family Time
Family Family Tree
Family Momento
Family Summer Vacation
Finances and Law World Trade
General Business Office Space
Generic Accent
Generic Chroma
Generic Clean Slate
Generic Clean Start
Generic Dark Twilight
Generic Elemental
Generic Glass
Generic MX707
Generic Shop - Bright Idea
Generic Shop - Candy
Generic Shop - Colour Block
Generic Shop - Granular
Generic Shop - Impression
Generic Shop - Modern Hue
Generic Shop - Plain Jane
Generic Shop - Simplicity
Generic Shop - Sorbet
Generic Shop - Spotless
Generic Shop - Winter Light
Health and Fitness Bright Smile
Health and Fitness Home Care
Health and Fitness Inner Peace
Health and Fitness Nutrition
Health and Fitness Personal Trainer
Heath and Fitness Chiropractor
Hobbies Poker Night
Holidays and Events Chapel
Holidays and Events Christmas Night
Holidays and Events Easter Light
Holidays and Events Happy Easter
Holidays and Events Holiday Festival
Holidays and Events Independence
Holidays and Events St Patricks
Holidays and Events Wedding Bliss
Holidays and Events Wedding Photographer
Home and Garden Le Jardin
Home and Garden Moonlight
Home and Garden Orchid Blossom
Home and Garden Squeaky Clean
Industrial Woodworking
Military Service Blue Water
Military Service Digital Marine
Military Service  Carrier
Political Homeland
Real Estate Dream Home
Real Estate Suburban Dream
Restaurant Bistro
Restaurant Bueno
Restaurant Copper Cafe
Restaurant Downtown Pizzeria
Restaurant Old Brick Oven
Restaurant Vietnamese Restaurant
Resume Classic Resume
Resume Contemporary Resume
Resume Deco Resume
Resume Stylish Resume
School and Education Prep School
Showcase Yourself Block Party
Showcase Yourself Cover Letter
Sports Bowl-O-Rama
Sports Cycling
Sports Golf Club
Sports Self-Defense
Technology Glass Perspective
Travel and Hospitality Excursion


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