Why am I being moved from Hosted Exchange?

You’re being upgraded from Hosted Exchange to Office 365 because we're retiring our Hosted Exchange Email product, in favor of a better solution for your email and productivity needs.

Hosted Exchange is an email and calendaring solution hosted by GoDaddy, on our servers. It includes features and functionality of the outdated Exchange 2010. Mainstream support for Exchange 2010 servers ended in January of 2015, and is now in what Microsoft calls an extended support phase (including security patching, verifying compatibility with new OS variants, etc.).

Office 365 is a more reliable, and feature-rich cloud-based email and productivity solution. Find out more about the differences between Hosted Exchange and Office 365, and what comes with your new Office 365 service.

What if I don't want to move my accounts to Office 365 from GoDaddy?

The upgrade to Office 365 is free, and GoDaddy will do all the heavy-lifting for you, to move your email data from Hosted Exchange to Office 365. If you do not want to upgrade your company's Hosted Exchange account to Office 365, you do need to be sure to plan in advance for the Hosted Exchange service termination. You also need to ensure that you have a plan for your company's email. You will need to manually export all your email and SharePoint data, if you wish to keep it.

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