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GoDaddy Email Marketing Help

WordPress: Place email signup form on my site

This article covers a legacy product no longer available to new customers.

Once you've set up the GoDaddy Email Marketing Signup Forms plugin, and edited your signup form to your liking, you're ready to put the signup form on your WordPress site. You can do this by adding the GoDaddy Email Marketing block in the editor, a Widget or with shortcode.

Note: If you used the setup wizard to create your WordPress site, your default signup form is already added to your site.


  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, select Pages or Posts.
  2. Select the page or post you're going to edit.
  3. Select Add block.
  4. From the Widgets section, select GoDaddy Email Marketing.
  5. Select the form you want to use from the pull down menu.
  6. Save your post or page, and when you preview, you'll see the form where you placed it.


  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, hover over Appearance, and select Widgets.
  2. Under Available Widgets, find GoDaddy Email Marketing. Drag it over to the right, into whatever area of your site you want the form. The form panel should expand to show options.
    Sign up form widget options
  3. If you want to give your form a title, enter it in the Title field.
  4. You can enter Additional Text, as well, to display underneath the title, and above the form.
  5. Under Form, select the signup form you want to use.
  6. Select Save.


  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, hover over Settings, and select GoDaddy Email Marketing.
  2. Select the Forms tab.
  3. Next to the form you want to use, all the way to the right, select Select the clipboard to copy the shortcode (the clipboard) to copy the shortcode.
  4. Go to whatever post or page you want to put the email signup form in, and paste the shortcode directly into the WordPress composer.
  5. Save your post or page, and when you preview, you'll see the form where you placed it.

Next step

  • If you have an Up & Running or Pro account, you can set up an automated welcome email for all your new subscribers. If you have a Beginner or Starter account, you can still compose and send a regular email to your subscribers.

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