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  • Manage both your clients and their websites all from a single dashboard.
  • Bulk updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.
  • Compatible with all hosting providers.
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Manage all your sites efficiently.

Perform individual or bulk updates and simplify maintenance tasks across all your client websites — even those not hosted by GoDaddy. No more manual backups and juggling multiple schedules.

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Work smarter with secure, centralized client management.

From a single sign on, manage all your clients’ sites and products on their behalf through shared shopping or delegated access. Email reports to keep clients updated on their site status.

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Every time you spend, you save.

Enjoy discounts and earn rewards toward future purchases on all new, qualifying product purchases* made by you or your clients.

Grow your business with a rich set of website tools and program benefits.

Website Management

Manage all your sites and automate updates individually or in bulk.

Quickly perform bulk updates for plugins, themes and WordPress core no matter where sites are hosted. GoDaddy Pro also offers a slew of free and paid add-ons to help with common tasks, like backups, monitoring, security, client reports and SEO.

Client Reports

Keep your clients informed at all times with fully editable, professional Client Reports.

Uptime Monitor

Get notifications when your websites go down so you can get them back online immediately.

Template Builder

Create your own WordPress website templates, or use an existing backup template as a starting point.

Sucuri Security Check

Perform website security scans and update your clients on security concerns like malware or blacklisting.


Monthly backups come with off-site storage and can run on an hourly cycle.

Code Snippets

Extend the functionality of your site while keeping required resources to a minimum.

Maintenance Mode

Let visitors know you’re updating or fixing issues on your website.

Performance Check

Get insights into how your websites are performing and suggest improvements.