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  • Manage both your clients and their websites all from a single dashboard.
  • Bulk updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.
  • Compatible with all hosting providers.
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Manage all your sites efficiently.

Perform individual or bulk updates and simplify maintenance tasks across all your client websites — even those not hosted by GoDaddy. No more manual backups and juggling multiple schedules.

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Work smarter with secure, centralized client management.

From a single sign on, manage all your clients’ sites and products on their behalf through shared shopping or delegated access. Email reports to keep clients updated on their site status.

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Every time you spend, you save.

Enjoy discounts and earn rewards toward future purchases on all new, qualifying product purchases* made by you or your clients.

Grow your business with a rich set of website tools and program benefits.

Website Management

Manage all your sites and automate updates individually or in bulk.

Quickly perform bulk updates for plugins, themes and WordPress core no matter where sites are hosted. GoDaddy Pro also offers a slew of free and paid add-ons to help with common tasks, like backups, monitoring, security, client reports and SEO.

Client Reports

Keep your clients informed at all times with fully editable, professional Client Reports.

Uptime Monitor

Get notifications when your websites go down so you can get them back online immediately.

Template Builder

Create your own WordPress website templates, or use an existing backup template as a starting point.

Sucuri Security Check

Perform website security scans and update your clients on security concerns like malware or blacklisting.


Monthly backups come with off-site storage and can run on an hourly cycle.

Code Snippets

Extend the functionality of your site while keeping required resources to a minimum.

Maintenance Mode

Let visitors know you’re updating or fixing issues on your website.

Performance Check

Get insights into how your websites are performing and suggest improvements.

Google Analytics

From one dashboard, track website performance and send the results in client reports.

Client Management

Get simplified, secure client management.

Spend less time managing client sites, shopping and reporting individually. With GoDaddy Pro, do it all from a single dashboard, and free up your day to create more and manage less.  

Single sign on

No more juggling multiple client passwords — GoDaddy Pro has one login for all your accounts, securely putting client sites at your fingertips to easily manage their existing GoDaddy products.

Shared Shopping Cart

Load a shopping cart with GoDaddy products and share with your client for purchase. Or, use delegated access to manage existing products or purchase new ones.

Client Reports

Keep your clients informed and add value to your site management services with fully editable, professional client reports.


Enjoy 30% off qualifying purchases 100% of the time.

With Benefits from GoDaddy Pro, earn rewards and score discounts on purchases* for yourself and your clients.

Enjoy big discounts on qualifying purchases.

Take advantage of discounts on robust products* that help you manage your clients’ sites and help them run their business.

Reward points help you do more.

Earn points with every purchase, whether for you or clients. Think of rewards points as in-store credit you apply to new products or renewals.

Stay in the know.

Get all the updates on GoDaddy Pro with our monthly newsletter. Catch up on developments in the WordPress designer and developer community and learn about opportunities to grow your skills.

Premium Features

Put premium features to work for additional flexibility.


  • Uptime Monitor

Get notified if your website goes down, and when it’s back online, before anyone else notices.

  • SEO Ranking Reports

Keep track of your client sites’ keyword rankings, find out who their competitors are and see how they stack up.

  • Link Monitor

Regularly scan WordPress sites for broken links with this powerful link checker.

  • White Label

Rebrand GoDaddy Pro Sites to display as your own brand, or hide the branding entirely.

  • Website Backup (premium)

Get on-demand as well as scheduled backups, cloning and migrations. Download backups to your computer or upload to your preferred cloud storage destination.

  • Automated Security Check

Perform automated as well as manually scheduled checks and receive notifications via email or Slack when an issue is detected.

  • Automated Performance Check

Schedule automated checks with immediate notifications if a client site is under-performing and get results and suggestions for improvement.

  • Advanced Client Reporting

Automated emails can deliver customizable reports to clients, individually or for multiple clients.

Those with a GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plan get their monthly charge waived on these Features. Additionally, for those with any GoDaddy hosting plan the monthly charge is waived for Backups (with Cloning & Migration).

Take your business to new heights with GoDaddy Pro.

Frequently asked questions about GoDaddy Pro

What’s the difference between GoDaddy Pro Program and GoDaddy's Reseller Program?

The GoDaddy Reseller is like a business in a box, enabling just about anyone to start selling domains, hosting and other GoDaddy products without investing a lot of time or money up front. It’s a completely separate program that, for a monthly fee, includes a storefront, white-labeled products, and the freedom to set your own prices. 

The GoDaddy Pro program is free to join and was created to support web designers and developers who use GoDaddy products to build and maintain websites for their clients.  

The GoDaddy Affiliate program enables you to earn cash from sales when you promote GoDaddy on your website. Just place one of our banners or links where your visitors, customers, and contacts will see it. You’ll earn cash on every qualifying sale made though your ads.   

You can join more than one program, but members of multiple programs are only eligible for the benefits from one of the programs. Benefits may not be combined. With GoDaddy Pro, the new, qualifying purchases* you make or your client makes via Shared Shopping or delegated access via shopping cart are automatically eligible for GoDaddy Pro Discounts and Rewards.

What’s the difference between GoDaddy Pro and GoDaddy Pro Plus?

All GoDaddy Pro members get 30% off new, qualifying products*.  

  • A GoDaddy Pro member receives 5% Reward on new, qualifying GoDaddy purchases*  
  • A GoDaddy Pro Plus members (member who spends 1,836.22 AED or more per year) receives: a 10% Reward on new and qualifying GoDaddy purchases*.

What’s the difference between Sites and Clients?

Sites simplifies WordPress site maintenance, allowing you to bulk update all your WordPress sites at once, even those not hosted by GoDaddy. Clients puts all your client accounts – and all their GoDaddy products – at your fingertips. It streamlines account access, purchasing, and tracking client costs. Time savings all around.

Who should consider joining the GoDaddy Pro Program?

Web Developers.  Web Designers.  The GoDaddy Pro program is for all web designers and developers who build websites and/or maintain websites – particularly WordPress sites – for their clients. The program offers tools to automate routine website maintenance tasks and consolidate client management into one dashboard; the program also includes a variety of Benefits giving members 30% off on new, qualifying GoDaddy product purchases*. Plus, you can earn Rewards (of 5%-10% depending on your membership tier) on a current purchase which can be redeemed on future product purchases*.  And it’s all 100% free.

How will I receive my Discounts and Rewards?