Domain Investing

It’s easier than you think to invest in domains.

With over 21+ million customers and 84+ million domains, our expertise as the world's largest domain registrar gives you the advantage.

The buy and sell of investing in domains.

If you have unused domains — maybe a project never took flight or you just registered a name on a whim because it sounded cool (at the time)— they could be worth money. Big money. Domain investing (also called domaining) is like regular investing — buy low and sell high — but instead of stocks or mutual funds, it’s domains (which you can get for as low as 3.64 AED/yr). It can be a great revenue stream on the side, and some savvy entrepreneurs even make their living as domainers. It's simple to get started and Domain Academy can help you learn to buy, sell, and invest in domain names like a pro.

How much money are we talking about?

Domain investing can be worth the time — just take a look at GoDaddy Auctions. You’ll see some domains have commanded big money. In fact, over the years there have been some very significant sales:

  • — 363,569.60 AED
  • — 201,983.11 AED
  • — 183,628.36 AED
  • — 154,241.65 AED
  • — 114,399.56 AED

Get the tools you need.

With over 84+ million domains under management, we know what it takes to get serious with domain investing. We have the tools that can help you become a successful domainer.

Domain Broker Service

We can negotiate a domain purchase based on your budget.

Domain Academy

Learn to buy, sell, and invest in domain names like a pro.

Bulk Domain Transfer

Save time (and money) by transferring up to 500 domains at once.


Find key domain data including availability, ownership and expiration.

Domain Value Appraisal

Get a free expert opinion on your domain’s value.


Buy and sell domains on the open market.

Discount Domain Club

Get the web’s lowest prices on every domain, every day.

Domain Backorder

Make sure you’re in line when a domain becomes available.


Get your unused domains earning cash with relevant pay-per-click display ads.

Bulk Domain Search

Search for up to 500 domains at once.

Get up to 60% off on domains, every single day.

With Discount Domain Club, you get industry-low prices on any domain you buy, and more — including CashParking Premium, full access to GoDaddy Auctions® and savings on our Domain Broker Service.
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