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Add Email Backup to an existing mailbox for 9.00 AED/mo.

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Combine Email Backup with Professional Email and Microsoft 365 apps.

Choose a plan that's right for your business needs.

Email Essentials + Backup

10 GB email storage

Starts at

18.00 AED /mo

With an annual term (41% savings)

31.00 AED per user/mo when you renew4

Email Plus + Backup

50 GB email storage

Starts at

24.00 AED /mo

With an annual term (36% savings)

38.00 AED per user/mo when you renew4

Business Professional + Backup

50 GB email storage

Starts at

44.00 AED /mo

With an annual term (38% savings)

71.00 AED per user/mo when you renew4

Email Backup (add-on only)

Sign in to your Microsoft 365 dashboard to add Backup

Starts at

9.00 AED /mo

Never lose an email again.

Auto-save your mailbox.

A snapshot of your mailbox, calendar and attachments saves automatically up to 6 times a day. Just set your autosave schedule and you're good.

Get flexible restore options.

Restore your mailbox, contacts, calendar and events, including tasks, notes and journal. Search email by From, To and Subject lines.

Efficient retrieval of any email.

Your entire mailbox is captured and backed up from day one. Retrieving data is as simple as running a search.

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Email Backup Frequently Asked Questions

What can I have backed up?

You can back up your entire mailbox, including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and attachments, automatically up to 6 times a day. 

How do I restore data that has been deleted or lost?

Email Backup offers the flexibility to perform a right-sized restore. So, whether you’re missing a single mail item, a specific folder or an entire mailbox, you can easily navigate and search for what has gone missing. To perform a restore, log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials at, or contact your Microsoft 365 administrator. Then simply select the item(s) you wish to restore and click the Restore button. 

What happens if a user doesn't exist any longer? What happens to data from deleted users?

Email Backup retains all data from deleted users. The data can be restored to a public or shared mailbox, or to another user. 

How much data is stored and how long can I keep it?

There is no limit to how much user mailbox data is backed up, nor is there a time limit to how long it is retained, provided you maintain an active subscription. 

How long does it take to restore an item?

The time it takes to complete a restore varies on the amount of data restored. Individual items can take as little as a couple of seconds, where full mailboxes can take up to an hour, depending on how much data is being restored.