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Websites + Marketing Help

Get to know Websites + Marketing

Get online | Get to know Websites + Marketing
Set up my visual brand | Personalize my home page | Customize content
Get found with SEO | Connect to social | Accept online payment

Welcome to Websites + Marketing. Let's take a quick tour of what’s where before we start diving in and building your website. Also consider signing up for a free webinar demo.

Looking for inspiration? Read our blog, The Garage, listen to our podcasts Made Here or School of Hustle, and visit our YouTube channel including The Journey and Made in America.

Goals for this section:

  • Discover what's unique about Websites + Marketing.
  • Tour the Websites + Marketing header, which helps you do everything behind the scenes, and your Website Builder, where you edit what your website looks like to other people.
  • Know about your personalized Dashboard, which includes your Action Plan, InSight score and other ways to grow and connect.

Estimated time to complete: 5-7 minutes

What's unique about Websites + Marketing?

The + Marketing part is what’s so exciting about Websites + Marketing. In addition to a visual drag-and-drop Website Builder, this is the one place you go to manage social media, services and appointments, sell your products, email your list, and take care of your customers and subscribers.

The Getting to Know Websites + Marketing How-to course has 9 lessons to help you get familiar with all aspects of your website and Dashboard.

Get acquainted with the Websites + Marketing header and Website Builder

There are two areas where you’ll get online quickly: your Websites + Marketing header and the Website Builder.

1. Websites + Marketing header

The Websites + Marketing header is where you go to manage everything you need to do behind the scenes. This header is constant whether you’re managing your store, online appointments, social media and email, or your contacts. In this video, Lesson 4 of the Getting to Know Websites + Marketing course, Darlene gives you a tour of the Websites + Marketing header.

2. Website Builder

The Website Builder is where you manage everything your audience sees on your website. For example, you create your events or products in the Dashboard, then use the Website Builder to build the pages that show your events or products to your customers.

Your Website Builder is also where you choose your colors and fonts, add or rearrange sections or pages, and make your site represent your business.

Your personalized Websites + Marketing Dashboard

Your personalized Dashboard consists of your Action Plan, your InSight score, and other ways to grow and connect.

  • Your Action Plan shows personalized next steps for you to take on your site. These steps are based on which of the four goals you set the first time you visited the Dashboard and are changeable at any time. In this video, Lesson 5 of the Getting to Know Websites + Marketing course, Emily introduces the Action Plan and how it can help.

  • Next is your InSight score, which is a way for you to see how your site is doing. It takes into account actions you’ve completed, how long you’ve been online, as well as how you compare to other businesses in your same category. Complete steps in your Action Plan to grow your traffic and sales—and raise your score. In this video, Lesson 6 of the Getting to Know Websites + Marketing course, London shows you how to use InSight.

  • We know you like simplicity but you also like options. The Other ways to grow section provides shortcuts to common tasks or steps you might be interested in taking, even if they haven’t yet appeared in your Action Plan.


We’ve explored what’s on your Dashboard, and where you go to work on your website. Now that you know where to go, let’s start setting up how your site will look.

Note: We offer a Website Design service where our experts build your website for you, if you prefer to spend your time on other things.

Get online | Get to know Websites + Marketing
Set up my visual brand | Personalize my home page | Customize content
Get found with SEO | Connect to social | Accept online payment