GoDaddy Studio Help

Understand GoDaddy Studio and create a project

GoDaddy Studio helps you create professional-looking designs for social media, your website, or printed materials such as adverts. It's available as an app on iOS and Android, and as a website at

You don’t have to be a designer to use GoDaddy Studio. Start with one of our hundreds of templates, then customize by adding and changing images, graphics, videos, shapes and text. Or, start from scratch using your own images, videos and fonts. You can even use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you generate a logo or video.

When you’re ready, get started with the basics and use a template to create your first design.

Required: Before you continue, check that you can sign in to GoDaddy Studio.

1: Navigate GoDaddy Studio

Find your way around GoDaddy Studio and learn where to do what.

2: Start with a template

Use one of our many templates to get started fast.

3: Add and edit images

Replace, resize, change or duplicate images in your template.

4: Edit text

Change the text, font and color, and upload your own fonts.

5: What's next?

Get creative with GoDaddy Studio.

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