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Update my Gen 4 VPS & Dedicated Server to address Exim vulnerability

Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) has reported a vulnerability with Exim Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), a third-party, open-source software responsible for routing and delivering email messages on servers. Core vendors have begun releasing patches to address this vulnerability. Therefore, we highly recommend Gen 4 VPS & Dedicated Servers with Exim to update to the latest patch.

  • Exim is only installed by default on Gen 4 VPS & Dedicated Servers using cPanel/WHM.
  • If Exim was manually installed, we recommend consulting your web developer or system administrator for information on updating your server.
  • If you're on an usupported Operating System (OS), we recommend moving to a supported OS server to receive continued security updates.
Warning: This article covers an advanced technical topic. If the steps are completed incorrectly, it's possible to make unwanted changes to your site. Therefore, we strongly recommend creating a backup before you proceed. Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.
  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. In your My Products page, select Servers, and then select Manage for the server you want to use.
  3. Select Launch WHM.
  4. At the top, under cPanel Version, check that your version is at least:
    • CentOS 7: 110.0.12
    • AlmaLinux 8/9: 114.0.7
      cpanel version
  5. If your version is below the required patch, select cPanel, and then select Upgrade to Latest Version.
    upgrade whm
  6. Select Click to Upgrade.
  1. Ensure root or admin access is enabled.
  2. Connect to your server with SSH.
  3. Switch to the root user.
  4. Show your current Exim version:
    exim --version
  5. Check that your Exim version is at least:
    • Debian 11: 4.94.2 #2
    • Ubuntu 20: 4.93 #5
    • Ubuntu 20: 4.95 #2
  6. If your version is below the required patch and was installed using the APT package tool, update Exim using:
    apt update && apt --only-upgrade install exim4

A success message will confirm the update is complete.

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